MB7INM and MB7ANM Equipment


MB7INM is a Tait 2010 series 2 high band VHF radio model number T2010-321-xxx

MB7ANM is a Tait 2020  low band VHF radio model number T2020-221-xxx

Both radios have been fitted with 9 way D connectors on the back with connections to the internal options connectors for the required interface signals.




 Both radios are connected to home made 1/2 wave dipoles at 10m above ground level.


Node Servers

Raspberry Pi 3's are used to control the nodes using the hamvoip V1.5 image.

One Raspberry Pi controls the nodes for MB7INM & MB7ANM and a second hosts radioless nodes that act as a local hub. This reduces the load on the HUBNet UK server as we only have one connection not two into it. It will also allow future flexibility.

Remote control features on the Raspberry Pi's allows status checking and monitoring remotely.


Radio Interfaces

The interfaces between the radio and the Raspberry Pi server is a modified CM108 chip based USB sound card. It is modified to provide the PTT switching of the radio and monitoring the COS output from the radio. The COS signal tells the server a signal is being received by the radio with the correct CTCSS tone.