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September 2020 Monitor for SG-Lab 20W 2.4GHz PA

This download contains files to support the Monitor for SG-Lab 20W 2.4GHz PA by DC5ZM published in the September 2020 edition of RadCom. The files include the Arduino sketch, PCB overlays and foil patterns, Eagle files, details of the alternative version based on the Arduino Nano, and updated information on the directional coupler calibration. Download […]

September 2020 Monitor for SG-Lab 20W 2.4GHz PA 2020/08/13 15:36

Sharing a success story…

It’s been a while since I’ve written an editorial for RadCom and given a view of what has been happening at the RSGB. We have all found ourselves in unusual circumstances in recent months, so I thought it was time to share an update with you. My ‘2019 a year in numbers‘ article and infographic […]

Sharing a success story… 2020/08/11 08:11

Propagation Studies Committee Minutes 16th May 2020

Follow the link below for the minutes PSC Minutes 16 May 2020

Propagation Studies Committee Minutes 16th May 2020 2020/08/10 11:27

Remote Invigilation helps hundreds

The RSGB remote invigilation exams continue to help hundreds of people join the world of amateur radio and progress to the Intermediate licence level. From youngsters who have decided to learn a new skill while being off school during lockdown, to older people who have overcome their fear of exams, they have wanted to share […]

Remote Invigilation helps hundreds 2020/08/07 15:11

Check RSGB news online

This is a really busy time for amateur radio and the Radio Society of Great Britain is supporting members and non-members alike during these changing times. Remember that you can see the RSGB’s main news on its website, and its RSGB notices page in particular. Check there for updates to the Board, Volunteer Leadership Team […]

Check RSGB news online 2020/08/07 15:08