This website was originally created to provide information regarding my HUBNet connected repeater GB3PF and gateways MB7INM & MB7ANM. Since then I licensed GB3PT and became the NOV holder for GB3RF which belongs to the North Western Repeater Group. I've also built several digital and analogue repeaters and gateways for other people and details of some of those are also on this website.


The repeaters and gateways I personally own are:

GB3PF is a 70cm repeater located in Nelson, Lancashire 430.925MHz +7.6MHz CTCSS 82.5Hz

GB3PT is a 70cm repeater near Prescot, Merseyside 430.8625MHz +7.6 CTCSS 94.8Hz

GB3RX is a 70cm repeater near Prescot, Merseyside 430.8125MHz +7.6 CTCSS 77Hz

MB7INM and MB7ANM are FM simplex analogue gateways located in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire.

MB7NEL is a 2m packet node near Burnley Lancashire 144.950MHz

MB7NFI is a 2m packet node near Prescot, Merseyside 144.9375MHz