Tips On Using Allstar Linked Gateways

Always leave 2 or 3 seconds between overs to allow all remote nodes to reset.

Keep over under 3 minutes to prevent nodes timing out.

Before connecting to a node always disconnect all remote nodes using command *73

Never connect another node while connected to a large network

When you unkey at the end of your over the node will transmit a tone to tell you it's state. If the gateway isn't connected to any other nodes you will hear a single low beep. If the gateway is connected to a node you will hear a morse K. At the end of a remote over you will hear a single higher tone beep.

Before disconnected the local node make sure any users of the system are remote users. If you hear a morse K after an over there is a local user and you should not disconnect the node from the network.

If you've disconnect nodes please send command *59 to reconnect to HUBNet when you have finished using the node. If you don't the node will reconnect itself after 15 minutes