Allstar Active Nodes


GB3RF Update.

Bob G3VVT has been to the repeater site this afternoon to check and tune the duplexer. It appears to be working ok at the moment but we need more testing time to determine if all is well. One of the receive filters was found to be quite a way out on its notch which explains the problem the repeater was having. Hopefully, over the next few days, the repeater will be well tested and any ongoing problems will show up.

MB7IVG Is Operational

At 8pm on Tuesday 6th February 2018 MB7IVG a 2m Allstar linked simplex gateway was powered up and became operational. It is an FM gateway on 144.9625MHz with a 103.5Hz CTCSS. You must set your radio to narrow deviation or the gateway radio is likely to drop your connection to it.  MB7IVG is located in Long Preston, North Yorkshire and is owned and managed by it's NOV holder Vince M0VHG   Welcome to the HUBNet family of gateways Vince.

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